This year we have started to provide a new services in webdesign area:

  • Making websites based on CMS WordPress
  • Making custom websites or web applications based on technologies HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript / PHP, MySQL
  • Help with content
  • Maintenance (security updates etc.)


We have for you a new alternative way how to remote your home technology using the smartphone or tablet ( iOS or Android)…no server…no expensive touch panel. The solution offers the ayControl company. Contact us for more info. We will be glad to provide you with the details or we can propose a solution tailored to you.

KNX/Security system

One of the main tasks of the KNX system is the lighting control, sheding and the room temperature control.But not only. The challenge for today’s investors is to integrate as many different technologies into one system as possible. One of these requirements is the connection to the security system.

The most common information to get of the security system and convert it into a KNX system are states of the magnetic contacts (for example, blocking the air conditioners when window is open or switching the lights ON when the door is open). It is also a state of the security system, especially armed/disarmed (for example changing the heating mode or switching the lights OFF when leaving) and the alarm status finally.

For small applications where too many inputs are not needed, we can get these states using the KNX binary inputs on the one hand and the free programmable outputs on the other hand.

However, if it is a large object, it is necessary to consider in advance what kind of security board is used and how to integrate its information into the KNX bus system.
One of the solutions is the GALAXY control panel.

For more info click on this link

KNXgal Datasheet v1_2_CZ