We offer global services in KNX bus system integration area such as visualization, control system programming, diagnostic and maintenance service or technical consulting during the planning as well in process of realization.

We are able to design and set up a system for the comprehensive control and control of smart wiring both in commercial buildings such as various office buildings, shopping and shopping centers, and in residential buildings and meeting the demands of the most demanding clients.

Since the beginning of our existence, we have put in place a large number of installations and have gained valuable experience, which we are constantly expanding and applying further.

With system wiring we are able to control not only lighting, shading elements (such as shutters, blinds, awnings), which is becoming a standard already, but also to control and regulate heating and cooling in the building, irrigation system, swimming pool technology, communication with air conditioning and other technology in the house.There are many options and it always depends on what solution is chosen.

You can have your property fully under control…with us… anytime, anywhere.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.